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But I do not believe that peace either ought to be or will be permanent on this globe, unless the states, pacifically organized, preserve some of the old elements of army-discipline.

Some scholars see this as a first step toward close cooperation in the Central Europe region. The graveyard typically contains everything from recent ships all the way back to historical ships dating to the dawn of space flight. Joan Randall's pretty face was pale and stricken, and little Kansu Kane stared bewilderedly, as Captain Future told them that their space-boat was being drawn into that deadly trap.

A deadly area of space that somehow traps spaceships who venture too close, only to join the deadly graveyard of lost ships. Showing war's irrationality and horror is of no effect on him. In my remarks, pacifist though I am, I will refuse to speak of the bestial side of the war-regime already done justice to by many writers and consider only the higher aspects of militaristic sentiment.

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When the time of development is ripe the war must come, reason or no reason, for the justifications pleaded are invariably fictions.


It was a cylinder of blank gray metal several hundred feet long, without the lines of a ship at all. Pride, gold, women, slaves excitement were their only motives.

Not so these Scotch witches. Its nearness had been haunting him during all this time. This sad picture of the breakdown of a poor woman's intellect in the unequal struggle against poverty and sickness is only made visible to us by the light of the flames that, mercifully to her perhaps, took poor Bessie Dunlop away for ever from the sick husband, and weakly children, and the "ky," and the humble hovel where they all dwelt together, and from the daily, heart-rending, almost hopeless struggle to obtain enough food to keep life in the bodies of this miserable family.

Chapman, then move the point, and your opponent will follow. And you think of your ships like roller coasters. Thus were the more martial tribes selected, and in chiefs and peoples a pure pugnacity and love of glory came to mingle with the more fundamental appetite for plunder.

When Governments Go Rogue

With the invention of radar and the realization that there ain't no horizon in space, writers realized they'd have to make the space sargasso sea more invisible. The creature itself its original state of existence: General Lea makes a minute technical comparison of the military strength which we at present could oppose to the strength of Japan, and concludes that the Islands, Alaska, Oregon and Southern California, would fall almost without resistance, that San Francisco must surrender in a fortnight to a Japanese investment, that in three or four months the war would be over and our republic, unable to regain what it had heedlessly neglected to protect sufficiently, would then "disintegrate," until perhaps some Ceasar should arise to weld us again into a nation.

The weakness of so much merely negative criticism is evident — pacifism makes no converts from the military party.

Bessie Dunlop was tried for witchcraft in John Fian, a young schoolmaster, and leader of the gang, or "coven" as it was called, was charged with having caused the leak in the king's ship, and with having raised the wind and created a mist for the purpose of hindering his voyage.

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He uses magnetic force to drag down to the planet any spacecraft that pass by, creating a large graveyard of lost ships nearby his operation. Militarism is the great preserver of our ideals of hardihood, and human life with no use for hardihood would be contemptible.

What Tocqueville foretold: A despotic democracy

Without any exception known to me, militarist authors take a highly mystical view of their subject, and regard war as a biological or sociological necessity, uncontrolled by ordinary psychological checks or motives.

Notice that entering a monstrous state is a radical move from the normal, to the abnormal and chaotic.


Monstrosity and Frankenstein Essay Sample. Monstrosity is a key theme raised in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Monstrosity and Frankenstein Essay Sample

Our responses towards monstrosity include sympathy towards the creature, spite towards the creator, questioning of who actually is the real monster (whether it be the creature, or Frankenstein himself) and the consideration of the Rousseau’s idea of human’s being born innocent.

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It was written by Chris Terrio and David S. Goyer, and features an ensemble cast that includes Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Jesse. Monster Theory: Reading Culture [Jeffrey Jerome Cohen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Monsters provide a key to understanding the culture that spawned them. So argues the essays in this wide-ranging collection that asks the question. Essay Humanity, Monstrosity, Gothic Literature & Death Humanity, Monstrosity, Gothic Literature & Death by J.

Williams The Gothic genre delves into the depths of humanity, where the presence of the horrible and the macabre represent ‘the dark side’ of human nature.


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Monstrosity. Paper details: Essay Questions (be sure to address both questions within your paper): In what ways is the issue of monstrosity at stake in both Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations?

Monstrosity essay
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